Reply To: Taking action on service cuts in NS.


So we managed to put together a letter for the Mercury about 1in4 and the closures. Since then Gemini have said that they cannot afford to keep providing a domestic violence support service on the money NSC are commiting to the tender, so they will be closing at the end of May. That is another statutory service to the council will have to re-tender, but the budget is so small it’s difficult to see an effective service being provided.

I would suggest that we need to write a fairly comprehensive article on why social care is important, and why lack of services is a real problem. It needs to include a whole bunch of things such as what’s closed, what they offered, and why what’s left isn’t good enough, personal experience, statutory duty, safeguarding, impact reports etc.

I would also suggest that from this needs to come an open letter that is sent to all decision makers and influencers in NS, so that includes the CCG, the Council, and all councillors and MPs in NS. Maybe even in a format that other people can use to send themselves?

It may also be worth thinking about a petition, which a friend of mine has expressed interest in running.

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