Reply To: 1in4 imminent closure response


It’s not really a matter of what they’re using the money for, they aren’t because there is no money. Local authority funding from central government has been slashed over the past 6 years and local authorities are having to make lots of cuts to balance their books. There is no recouped money. The problem in NS is that vulnerable people are bearing the brunt of those cuts, and there’s been no real impact studies, public consultation, or even any notice given over the closures for residents to have a chance to have their say.

I’m not sure how much use FOI requests would be, plus all of the budgetary info is in the public domain already.

The other thing that muddies the water slightly is that parity of esteem refers to treatment options within the NHS. It doesn’t really carry over to non statutory local authority services, which are the bulk of what have been cut. They’re two different (but equally important) arguments.

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