Reply To: 1in4 imminent closure response


Hi Ben,

Just found a post of yours I missed for an open letter and am very happy with your thoughts. Yes they need sequencing and structuring and they will then make some v strong points.

In particular I missed of yours:

“There was a low level equality impact study done by the council for the social support budget cuts. This study acknowledged that the cuts would disproportionately effect vulnerable groups and recommended a full equality impact study be done by Jan 18. This was never carried out, but the cuts were done anyway.”

There is potentially a case I’d have thought for getting in a baseline survey done now/asap as things ‘may’ get worse and there’d be something to compare it with. Is there anyone joined up to these forums who would like to post some potential topics or questions to construct a survey around current mental health / mental health social care support, current levels of social isolation? Please correct me Ben if we should only be pushing  NS council to do this?