Reply To: 1in4 imminent closure response


Some questions / thoughts / SOS?

I raised the 1in4 closing issue (in the ‘wrong’ place – as there is no ‘right’ place) in a meeting that included Angela Kell lead mental health commissioner in NS part of BNSSG commissioning group. It’s about all NS service users as the services are so thin. So please can we write a joint relatively fast email to Angela Kell re 1in4?     – after discussion at next Clarity if soon enough and anyone reading these posts please submit points to raise and volunteers to construct an email to Angela Kell with me and ideas who to copy in? I’d suggest copying in Glenn Townsend Patient Involvement etc BNSSG CCG and anyone else we can think of please?

The topic is immediate and important. A support worker said to me after seeing Julie’s/ Clarity’s letter in the Mercury that it’s hard to describe what’s good about 1in4 but it can just be someone going there at a drop in making and drinking a coffee and leaving without any conversation. Just safety.