Reply To: 1in4 imminent closure response


All of the services cut were NSC funded services so yes they’re the right people to push. We can’t really do an impact assessment ourselves, it’s a technical document which needs a specialist who has access to the Council figures and numbers. However I think doing a survey about how people feel about the cuts, and how it impacts their life is a great idea, so would asking people to tell us their stories about how they used the services which have closed. That would give us some really valuable material to use.

I’m not sure Angela / Glenn are really the right people to be talking to right now? We could talk to them in vague terms about our concerns, but I feel this needs to go bigger than them really. Don’t they already know exactly what the issues are? If not why do they exist?! I feel them wanting to field our concerns is lip service at the moment. I could be mistaken and be misunderstanding their roles.