Reply To: 1in4 imminent closure response


At the next Clarity-NSIMHN meeting anyone with points to mań∑e please listen to the bits about these forums. Then add in the meeting or after if u wish to sign up so we can build a list of what services for vulnerable people have been closed or closing or there are huge cuts in the money given by the Council or possibly the Clinical Commisioning Group. We have had support from Brian, now Lord Cotter who was some time ago MP for WsM and has raised 1in4 closure in the House of Lords. Julie had a letter in the Weston Mercury on behalf of and co written by 3 Clarity people including much herself with some mulling over ideas. I (JK) have the task of asking Angela K about the CCG part funding of 1in4 cut and services for all vulnerable adults. Any additional questions considered but please also go to an earlier post here where I flesh it out more. We also need to try for NS Council to hear how savage and poorly targeted are their cuts. We understand there need to be cuts but we experience them in our everyday lives on what we consider to be disproportionate levels.For mental health the loss of the two centres comprising 1in4 people will leave devastating life gaps and lead to increased social isolation. This can work through into death both by neglect and suicide.