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    Hoping members of Clarity – NSIMHN join this area of the website!!!! Justine K

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  • At the next Clarity-NSIMHN meeting anyone with points to mań∑e please listen to the bits about these forums. Then add in the meeting or after if u wish to sign up so we can build a list of what services for vulnerable people have been closed or closing or there are huge cuts in the money given by the Council or possibly the Clinical Commisioning…[Read more]

  • Petition could certainly be one part of effective campaign. Think person would be best visiting monthly meeting or a subgroup meeting to discuss petition wording and establish mutual trust? Would that be possible please Ben?

  • Glenn is an allay….. though may not be relevant to this particular area – he will always do his best so that service users are heard.

    I need to reply to Angela asking eg about deteriorating social inclusion and the CCG’s bit of the 1in4 funding and if there is nothing else put in place the increasing social isolation where a support worker who…[Read more]

  • How about this as an attempt to square the circle in case Lord Cotter turns up at my flat tomorrow? Any changes would be welcome but I may end up opening the file in front of him…..


    The cuts to Council and some NHS Clinical Commissioning Group funded services in North Somerset remove vital lifelines from vulnerable people. This has major…[Read more]

  • Some questions / thoughts / SOS?

    I raised the 1in4 closing issue (in the ‘wrong’ place – as there is no ‘right’ place) in a meeting that included Angela Kell lead mental health commissioner in NS part of BNSSG commissioning group. It’s about all NS service users as the services are so thin. So please can we write a joint relatively fast email to…[Read more]

  • Hi Ben,

    Just found a post of yours I missed for an open letter and am very happy with your thoughts. Yes they need sequencing and structuring and they will then make some v strong points.

    In particular I missed of yours:

    “There was a low level equality impact study done by the council for the social support budget cuts. This study acknowledged…[Read more]

  • I think people with mental health conditions receiving the drastic and earlier cuts before physical ill health – given something has to go – would be relatively popular amongst reasonably large sections of the WsM community. That’s the issue of parity of esteem…It’s not what particular budget it comes from, it’s that mental health conditions are…[Read more]

  • <p style=”text-align: left;”>Agree with you dont want it hi-jacked for political point scoring! Its 2 important to service users in WsM and Clevedon. The point I am (if people agree???) hoping to get across is with lack of parity of esteem of mental health care and support services they are cut earlier and harder than those for physical health.…[Read more]

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    One person suggests that we need to write a fairly comprehensive article on why social care is important, and why lack of services is a real problem. It needs to include a whole bunch of things such as what’s closed, what they offered, and why what’s left isn’t good enough, personal experience, statutory duty, safeguarding, impact reports etc.…[Read more]

  • Thanks Ben. Have with help aquired a hard copy of the relevant Mercury. Will try to scan it in and see if can do the same for Lord Cotter’s letter on the same page. Have hopefully agreed with Lord Cotter to assist him with tech of a press release (PC and printer) re lack of parity of esteem despite the government saying it’s funding mental health…[Read more]

  • We’re getting going!… and our current immediate efforts are to try to get a piece about the imminent closure of 1in4 people in the Weston Mercury. A lot of people in Weston and Clevedon use these centres for support day-to-day to prevent what starts as a manageable distress growing into a full blown crisis where lives can be at risk. Personally…[Read more]

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