• Hi all, nice to see you all and have a great conversation about where we go from here. As promised I’ve drafted something. It’s a little bit different to what we discussed because I realised that it’s actually Mental Health Awareness Week next week, and I thought that was too relevant to pass up, so I’ve themed the article around that. Here it is.…[Read more]

    1. The letter informing service users that 1in4 is closing mentions similar services being available. What are these?
    2. The letter also mentions the commissioning of a new advocacy service. What functions will this fulfill?
    3. What SU consultation will there be in the design of the new service?
    4. Letter mentions going to GP or Care coordinator with…

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  • Hi all,

    So we met today and discussed how to go about voicing our concerns over the closure of so many support services and how it even further it isolates and removes the safety nets for people with MH problems, as well as removing many recovery possibilities.

    We agreed three main things.

    1) To support the save WGHA&E campaign by attending…[Read more]